Antonin a Ondrej Lukscheiter
- beginning with Tillandsias

In 2000 we decided to write and set out a book which would fill the blank field on Czech, respectively the Central European book market.

The book has been writen to help and spread our business philosophy: "To make Tillandsias as common as roses." That's why it is written in easy, popular way. In the book we try to focus on the main growers' mistakes and show a suitable solution.

We didn't want to remake the taxonomy of Tillandsias or to make up a high specialised publication at all. Our book is a kind of answer to persistently increasing number of questions comming from both, beginners and experienced growers. We write here about our own, and our friends', experience and knowledge we've been acquiring during years spent growing Tillandsias


Book is bilingual Czech-English.
80 colour photos
over 20 line-drawings
Price: EUR8.00+postage

You can order-on-line , or write to us <= ココから直接購入できます。英語とCzehが使えます。

Lukscheiter Na Radosti 382 Praha 5 - Zlicin 155 21



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