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BROMELIADS A Cultural Manual

背表紙 表表紙 By Herb Plever 2003 37pp. This Cultural Manual is totally new having been updated to reflect the recent genera changes. Full color photographs have been added. The focus has changed to include the frequently asked questions of the indoor and greenhouse grower as well as the outdoor grower and the new bromeliad enthusiast. Includes information on temperature, light and humidity requirements for each genus in the Bromeliaceae family. Written by Herb Plever, one of the best indoor growers in the world. Special attention has been paid to our international growers and their accomplishments. You will enjoy this colorful booklet as an instructional guide, the perfect gift and promotional item.
Bromeliads a Cultural Manual by the Bromeliad Society International (USA). The 2nd edition of 2003 had many typographical errors and should have a page of Errata inserted. The edition, Revised 2007 is the latest. A 37 page book (almost a booklet) a little longer than A5 in size, it has 73 small colour plates through out the book. Small enough to be posted as a 'Large Letter', under 250 g, even with padding.

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