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and Other Air Plants of the Everglades National Park


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1.Orchids and Other Air Plants of the Everglades National Park by Frank C. Craighead. Published by the University of Miami Press in 1963. Paperback measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 127 pages, some color photos, B/W photosillustrations. Everglades National Park field guide for orchids & air plants with illustrations & keys. Book is in very good condition, unmarked & complete. Please see photos. Frank C. Craighead
Published 1963 by University of Miami Press in cooperation with the Everglades Natural history Association. Many Black & White photos and color plates. Color photo of the Ghost Orchid of "Orchid Thief" book and "Adaptation" movie fame

Contents include:
Vegetation of the Everglades
What Are Air Plants?
Where the Epiphytes Grow
Everglades Hammocks
Keys and Descriptions
The Families of Epiphytic Plants
This book is useful for the casual or serious gardener or botany/ecology student.

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