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BROMELIADS: A Cultural Handbook 1953
by Mulford B. Foster Copyright 1953 (First Edition) The Bromeliad Society


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1.The popularity of bromeliads in the U.S. did not begin until the 1950’s, their popularity due mainly to one individual -- Mulford Foster. He did some plant exploring in the 1930’s in Central and South America, Mexico, and the West Indies, introducing over 200 new bromeliads. He hybridized these very successfully and in 1950 helped to establish the Bromeliad Society, becoming its first president and journal editor. Few individuals have contributed more toward making the word "bromeliad" a household word internationally.

Bromeliads; A Cultural Handbook was published in 1953, only three years after
the Bromeliad Society was organized. Topics covered include:

The Bromeliad Family - (Subfamilies and Genera, Family Characteristics)
Potting, Watering, Light, Temperature, Flowering, Insects, Disease
Propagation - (By Offshoot, By Seed, Pollination, Hybridization)
Seed Incubation, Indoor Planting, Greenhouse, Sunny Garden Planting
The book is hardcover, with 64 pages. There are 26 black and white illustrations and photos.

2.Paperback: 64 pages
Publisher: The Bromeliad Society (1953)
Language: English
ASIN: B000P7Y7X4

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