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Bromeliads a Cultural Handbook 1974 edition
by Mulford B. Foster and other Members of the Bromeliad Society with Key to the subfamilies and genera of the Bromeliaceae by Lyman B. Smith


再発行本。この版は、1953年以前の版も含め、この種の興味深い植物が、ヨーロッパからアメリカへと広がっていったことのついて述べられており、そして 協会の歴史についても述べられています。1974年版の前章に述べられたように、協会の会員資格の増加は、需要を引き起こしました。その再販本には、若干の変更を亜族と属、学名、ならびに栽培技術を加筆ました。
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1.Soft cover. 72 pages. Re-issue 1974 This book includes the foreward to the 1953 edition which contained information about the spread of interest in this type of plant from Europe to the US and the history of the society. As stated in the foreward to the 1974 edition, an increase in membership in the society caused a demand for the reprint which includes some changes in the Key to the Subfamilies and Genera, in nomenclature, as well as in cultural techniques.

There is a revised Key by Dr. L. B. Smith. There are descriptions of the various families. The book has sections on Geography, Light, Watering, Heating, Pests, Pollinization, Flowering, etc. etc. Black and white photos, as well as drawings.

Description Contains sections on the Bromeliad family, the culture of bromeliads, the propagation of bromeliads and more
Illustrated 9 inches tall, 72 pages, soft cover
Published in 1974 by The Bromeliad Society

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