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Item Specifics - Nonfiction Books
Format: Softcover Category: Home & Garden
Publication Year: 1980 Gardening
Special Attributes: 1st Edition

1.First edition (trade paperback) of THE BIOLOGY OF THE BROMELIADS by David H. Benzing. Published in 1980 by Mad River Press. Over 300 pages, with text, drawings, photos and an index.

2. the book "The Biology of the Bromeliads," by David H. Benzing. This is a 1980 printing, 305 pages. Aside from some light cover wear, condition is excellent.
This is a very technical study of Bromeliads for the advanced culturist. Mostly illustrations and B & W photos, but there are 3 pages of color plates in the front of the book.
Introduction to bromeliads
Classification of bromeliads
Cell types of bromeliads
The vegetative body
Transport in bromeliads
Mineral nutrition
Photosynthetic strategies: shoot form, pigmentation and fenestration
The mechanics of bromeliad reproduction
The reproductive structures of bromeliads
Ecological aspects of bromeliad reproduction
Seeds, seedlings and ontogeny
Inheritance of plant characters
The ecology of bromeliaceae
Bromeliad epiphytism
Comments and techniques for the bromeliad grower

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