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Biology of The Bromeliads


ある販売者のコメントです。 "A seller's comments."

The most authoritative, thorough overview of bromeliads, their nature and their environment. For a fundamental understanding of bromeliads (including, of course, tillandsias) Professor Benzing's work is an absolute must-read. The great virtue of the book, in addition to its thoroughness, is Benzing's ability to explain each topic from first principles of plant biology simply and clearly. So you get a clear understanding of plant biology in general, the first principles of what a plant is and how it lives, and then an explanation of the nature and specific requirements of bromeliads.

The book has 26 small color plates, mainly illustrating points made in the book, plus numerous line drawings and data tables. It was first published in 1980 by Mad River Press in Eureka, California. That edition is out of print, and the books we sell are a second printing by the Bromeliad Society of Victoria Inc., Australia. This edition was scanned into a computer and printed in A4 size with 228 pages.

Chapter Headings are:

Introduction to Bromeliads
Classification of Bromeliads
Cell types in Bromeliads
The vegetative body
Transport in bromeliads
Mineral nutrition
Photosynthetic strategies
Mechanics of bromeliad reproduction
The reproductive structure of bromeliads
Ecological aspects
Seeds, seedlings and ontogeny
Inheritance of plant characteristics
The Ecology of Bromeliaceae
Bromeliad epiphytism
Comments and techniques for the bromeliad grower.

There is a glossary and index.

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