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Next Generation


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1.BROMELIADS, Next Generation c2000 Shane Zaghinii Nothing but color in this 54 page book with 600 color photos. Many genera represented. Very little text, but pictures speak for themselves. 8 x 12in, paper

ネオレゲリア312種(品種)+、 グズマニアは144種(品種)+、クリプタンサス51種(品種)+、そのほかエクメア、ニズラリウム、ビルベルギアなどのカラフルな写真(600以上)。どの株もベストコンディションですばらしい。巻末には写真で紹介されたネオレゲリアのサイズ一覧表がある Shane Zaghini著  2000年

2.Bromeliads: Next Generation, Shane Zaghini, Australia. Georgeous photos and IDs of Australian neoregelias, guzmanias, cryptanthus & collections. Nice. 2000.


3.Bromeliads - Next Generation
An amazing book highlighting bromeliads and their hybrids - 26 pages of neoregelias, 12 pages of guzmanias, 4 pages of cryptanthus and 6 pages of hybrids and new species from various collections. (556 photos of specific plants) and many other photos of gardens etc.

Additional product information
Author ZAGHINI, Shane
Publisher Zaghini
ISBN Number '0 646398105
Year of Publication 2000
No. of Pages 56
Type of Binding Illustrated Softcover
Condition NEW
Weight in kg 0.22
Height in mm 300
Width in mm 210
Our Reference OB21025

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