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the World of Nature Under Glass

もしあなたがテラリウムの見た目の楽しみと経験が好きだとしたら、この本はあなたにある新しい考えをもたらします、それは、多分、あなたは先生で、望むこと(等級)だと思われ、家庭学習者が必要としてる予想です。85 完全色写真.
*ガラス下の世界 生態学の意味するもの、
*ブロメリアを植える大きなテラリウム そして、どこで、テラリウム植物を買うか。

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1.Terrariums:the World of Nature under Glass
Item Specifics - Nonfiction Books
Author: Glenn Lewis
Edition Description: Illustrated
ISBN: 0872940535
Category: Home & Garden
Format: Binding Unknown
Publication Year: 1973
Special Attributes: 1st Edition

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If you have loved the visual delight and experience of putting together a terrarium, this book will give you some new ideas, or maybe you are a teacher and want a project for the class, or a home schooler needing a project. 85 full color photograhs. Contents: *A world under glass, the meaning of ecology, *How to create an original terrarium, *Terrarium basics, *Plant selection, *Container choices: props for the terrarium, *Special plant groups, how to plant a bottle garden, *Wild plants, *Children and the terrarium, selection plants for various light levels, *Bromeliads for the large terrarium and where to buy terrarium plants. This book is in very good condition with no rips or tears but does have some writing in it where someone elaborated on it. Yours to enjoy.


Item Specifics - Nonfiction Books
Format: Hardcover
Category: Home & Garden
Publication Year: 1973 Gardening
Special Attributes: --
TERRARIUMS: THE WORLD OF NATURE UNDER GLASS - By : Glenn Lewis; 1973; hardcover; 112 pages with OVER 85 FULL-COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS, Plus Many Drawings. This book opens new doors of excitement and adventure. Here is a book for everyone: experienced horticulturists and first time hobbyists. The world of terrariums provides an opportunity for each person to create his very own miniature world.

Intended as both a visual delight and a valuable "How To" information source, this book covers the full range of terrarium experience, from the simplest kind of converted cookie jar terrarium to the more complex "Scenariums" and bottle gardens.

Terrariums provides a foolproof way to grow delicate, moisture-loving plants in your home. Now, plants which were once only in the possession of Greenhouse owners, will flourish within the glass walls of your terrarium. Orchids, Filmy ferns, Bromeliads and Jungle wildflowers will grow in your terrarium as easily as they do in their native soil.
Here, in the more than 85 full-color photographs taken especially for this book, the beauty of these miniature worlds is presented as never before. Every flower, every plant can be seen in its full, natural glory.

This book tells you how to select the proper terrarium plants for the various light levels; examines the wide variety of new and interesting container choices available; tells you how to choose the right kind of plants for your terrarium and lists sources where you can obtain special terrarium plants.

The Author/Photographer Glenn Lewis has taken great care to present "The Art of Terrarium Planting, with more than 20 years of Experience Growing and Photographing Plants. This is a must have book for the Plant Enthusiast !!!

This hardcover book with dust jacket is in good condition and measures approx. 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" inches. The binding is good & tight. The top & bottom corners have some very light wear and the dust jacket has some edge wear & a few slight tears.

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