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The Kew Magazine
(incorporating Curtis's Botanical Magazine). Volume 7 part 1 and Volume 8 part 2 (includes "The Genus Arisarum", and "Three Interesting Bromeliads") Paperback – 1990

The Kew Magazine

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Product Description
Illustrated by Christabel King, Wendy Walsh, Anne Farrer, Mary Bates etc. Includes Peter Boyces article on the genus Arisarum ("Friar's Cowls and Mouse Plants"), Sue Minter's article on Replanting the Palm House at Kew, Charles Nelson's article on the notable Victorian botanist and fern expert P.B. O'Kelly of The Burren, George Argent on Three Interesting Bromeliads from South America, Peter Green on Ligustrum Sempervirens, Susyn Andrews on Cornus nuttallii, Rosemary Simpson on Nepenthes rajah, and entries by Isobyl La Croix and Kenneth Beckett. Also a 5 page article by Rosemary Simpson on "Plants in Peril : Nepenthes rajah", and for the accompanying article by Charles Nelson - "The Waxing of a Glorious Rajah" which descibes the history of the Nepenthes plant in Victorian times, the wax model which was made of it, and its importance to Glasnevin Botanic Garden. Colour plates cover three Arisarums, Geranium caractarum, Parochetus africanus, Liguistrum sempervirens, Guzmannia multiflora, Acanthostachys strobilacea, Quesnelia humilis, Hoya multiflora, Clowesia rosea and Iris dolichosiphon. [PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NOT A COLOUR PLATE OF THE NEPENTHES]

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  • Paperback
  • ASIN: B00LZ2J92W


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