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1.Rainforest Bromeliads by Kingdom Puzzles (artist is Earl Bateman III), 1993. This beautiful puzzle depicts the plant Bromelisd that can be found in the tropical rainforests of central and south America and have adapted to every level of the rainforest. Back of the box gives a list of names of all the creatures and plants picured in the rainforest puzzle. Very nice!

キングダムパズル(芸術家は、Bateman 3世伯爵である)、1993による雨林ブロメリア。 この美しいパズルは中央の、そして1987 entitled TROPICAL EXOTICA. Springbok #2414

南のアメリカの熱帯の雨林で見いだされおり、そして雨林のすべてのレベルに順応できる植物、 Bromelisd 、描かれています。 箱の後部にすべての生物の名前のリストされています、そして 植物が雨林パズルの中にで描かれています。 非常にすてきです!

gorgeous puzzle barnner

gorgeous puzzle

2.This is a duplicate of a gorgeous puzzle which we sold here in our nursery. We are liquidating stock as we close down the nursery.
500 pieces. Complete. Box still sealed in original cellophane. We are avid puzzle do-ers, and this is one of our all time favorites. Orchids, Bromeliads and tropical butterflies and birds.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of ROG-12136Cardinal Airplant, Florida bromeliad / Wild-pine. Attractive, large from Ardea Wildlife Pets


PHOTO JIGSAW PUZZLE This Photo Puzzle features an image of ROG-12136 Cardinal Airplant, Florida bromeliad / Wild-pine. Attractive, large chosen by Ardea Wildlife Pets. Estimated image size 356x254mm.

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