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Emerald Forest
by Patricia McLoughlin (Author)

Emerald Forest

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Emerald Forest

Editorial Reviews
Using imagery and literary elements such as alliteration and onomatopoeia, this poetic depiction of the rainforest seeks to be both inspirational and educational. The illustrations are whimsical and wondrous. Colorfully, the book guides the young reader through the jeweled jungle to bring an awareness of this unique environment's flora and fauna. Numerous animals, such as tree frogs, mandrills, parrots, and monkeys, flit about the pages. Bromeliads and rafflesias are plants pictured throughout. The slash and burn destruction of the rainforest is addressed in hopes that students will realize the seriousness of the critical issue raised in the book. Originally designed as a "Beyond" activity to follow an "Into" and "Through" curricular study of the rainforest (more specifically, fourth grade life science standards involving adaptations), the vocabulary of the text requires previous knowledge of certain terms; however, the curious learner will seek out unfamiliar terms, or simply enjoy the rest. Many learning opportunities are provided in a page of "Teachable Tidbits" at the back of the book. Further investigations of the rainforest are encouraged as readers are directed to The Nature Conservancy's website on the back cover.

Product Details

Paperback: 38 pages
Publisher: Lifevest Publishing, Inc. (2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1598794507
ISBN-13: 978-1598794502

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