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The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants
Volume Ⅳ Flowering Plants Monocotyledone

The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants

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Publisher Description

Volumes III and IV of this encyclopaedia provide a novel classification of the monocotyledons, a group encompassing plants of most diverse life-forms such as aquatics, terrestrial and epiphytic herbs, and tall trees. Of the 106 families now recognized 104 are treated in the two volumes, while the economically or horticulturally important grass and orchid families are relegated to two subsequent volumes. The classification followed here is based on recent molecular studies as well as on the vast body of information available on this plant group. The wealth and precision of information, but also the keys for the identification of genera and details on their properties, including distribution and diversification, make this work an important source for both the scholar and the practitioner in the fields of pure and applied plant sciences..


- A complete and updated inventory of all families and genera of the monocotyledons (except orchids and grasses, which will be treated in separate volumes) - The first since Engler and Prantl's treatment of all monocotyledon families in "Natürliche Pflanzenfamilien" (first edition 1889-1915)

Table of Contents

Conspectus of Families Treated in This Volume.- General References.- Acoraceae.- Alismataceae.- Anarthriaceae.- Aponogetonaceae.- Araceae.- Bromeliaceae.- Butomaceae.- Cannaceae.- Centrolepidaceae.- Commelinaceae.- Costaceae.- Cymodoceaceae.- Cyperaceae.- Dasypogonaceae.- Ecdeiocoleaceae.- Eriocaulaceae.- Flagellariaceae.- Haemodoraceae.- Hanguanaceae.- Heliconiaceae.- Hydatellaceae.- Hydrocharitaceae.- Joinvilleaceae.- Juncaceae.- Juncaginaceae.- Lemnaceae.- Limnocharitaceae.- Lowiaceae.- Marantaceae.- Mayacaceae.- Musaceae.- Najadaceae.- Palmae.- Philydraceae.- Pontederiaceae.- Posidoniaceae.- Potamogetonaceae.- Rapateaceae.- Restionaceae.- Ruppiaceae.- Scheuchzeriaceae.- Strelitziaceae.- Thurniaceae.- Typhaceae.- Xyridaceae.- Zannichelliaceae.- Zingiberaceae.- Zosteraceae.- Index of Scientific Names.

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